GN 1200 Smart Cord 6 inch - Jabra - GN Netcom - GN-88011-99

GN 1200 Smart Cord 6 inch - Jabra - GN Netcom - GN-88011-99
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Jabra GN1200 Smart Cord fits virtually all telephones featuring a standard RJ9 modular connector and works with any GN/Jabra headset equipped with Quick Disconnect (Direct Connect Solution)
- 6 inch in length
- Use your GN Netcom headset with phones that have a built-in modular headset jack with the GN1200 Smart Cord, the versatile universal headset cord. Choose any GN Netcom corded headset with quick disconnects. The Smart Cords handy system selector switch lets you quickly locate the right connection for the type of phone you want to use with your GN headset.
- Amp-less interface eliminates the need for multiple cords for connecting to different phone systems.
- 8-Position select switch enables you to use your GN corded headset with telephones with a built-in modular headset jack.
- Easy to use simply connect the Smart Cord between your headset and phone, pick up the handset, move the system selector switch through the settings until you hear a clear dial tone, and place your call!
- Microphone boost settings allow you to increase the volume for optimum call clarity. A low-current mic amplifier on switch positions 6 through 8 boosts signal gain by approximately 12 dB. GN 2202 Smart Cord, instructions
- Before You Order: Most phone systems require the use of an amplifier such as GN8000. Your phone must have a separate modular headset jack to use the Smart Cord with a headset. The GN1200 Smart Cord will not work with headsets from manufacturers other than GN Netcom.